About Us

Welcome to RILEY & ROSS, a venture inspired by the vibrant cities that my parents, whose surnames grace our brand, are fortunate to call home—New Orleans, Louisiana, and San Francisco, California. Both cities boast an abundance of scenic beauty, offering a lifetime of exploration.

For our family, the act of "writing it down" has always held significant value. It's a practice that involves finding a space for our thoughts, setting and achieving goals, engaging in self-reflection, and fostering creativity. During my childhood, we frequented the library and local parks, armed with journals, to reflect on the past week and set goals for the upcoming one.

The inception of RILEY & ROSS stems from a personal passion for exceptional and unique stationery. My quest for such items led me to eclectic neighborhoods, online boutiques, and museum gift shops worldwide. It is with this fervor that we present RILEY & ROSS—a brand that offers a curated selection of artful and inspirational stationery and gifts.

Our mission is to provide the perfect tools to capture and cherish every beautiful moment in life. Whether it's the ordinary routines, yearly milestones, or life's grand plans, RILEY & ROSS is here to help you pen down your story.

Join us in celebrating the art of expression.

Lana Riley
Founder, RILEY & ROSS


“Thank you! Love my notebooks!”

Jill S.

“He loved his notebook! Happy I found a new gift shop. Thank you!”

Kara G.

“The teachers loved their gift. Thank you!”

Shantel W.
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