Les Cartes de Courtoisie Boxed Notecards


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Christian Lacroix

The Les Saisons collection from Christian Lacroix invites us on a journey following the rhythm of seasons. Christian Lacroix takes us into an imaginary garden with extravagant capital letters adorned with flowers, leaves, butterflies, and wonderful birds. The unique Christian Lacroix Groussay motif and Bosquet's leafy fronds give you the impression of a stroll in a garden where time stands still.

These Seasonal Boxed Notecards are the perfect complement with a full-color two-piece box including die-cut notches, emboss and spot UV details. There are 4 different embossed, notecard designs, each with a unique die-cut and design. The messages on the card include: Amour, Bon Voyage, Merci, and Thank you. The signature Paris Bellechasse envelope flap and interior printed envelope make this notecard set especially elegant.

- Box Size: 6 1/4 x 4 7/8 x 1"

- Card Size: 4 1/4 x 6"

- 12 Die-cut non-folded cards with spot UV & emboss

- 3 Each of 4 Notecard Designs

- Die-cut Bellechasse Envelopes with printed liners

- Artist: Christian Lacroix

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